Boat Documents Organizer

Boat Documents Organizer

Organize ALL Your Boat's Documents!

Get The Boat Galley'sBoat Documents Organizernow!

Boat owners need numerous full-size multi-page documents aboard: ownership and registration papers, an insurance policy and hurricane plan, towing insurance, radio licenses, rescue beacon registrations, surveys and more. Automobile registration and insurance card holders just don’t have room for everything a boater is required to carry.

The Boat Galley Boat Documents Organizer and Holderwas designed for the unique needs of boat owners, regardless of the type of boat or location.

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It works when boating on local lakes, cruising the coast, exploring the Great Loop, or voyaging internationally:

  • Reversible checklist details needed documents for both US boating and international cruising
  • Expandable folder can hold numerous thick documents, including insurance policies, hurricane plans, surveys, inspection and clearance papers
  • Holds standard US 8-1/2” x 11” documents as well as A4 sheets used in other countries -- can hold 400+ sheets
  • Ultra-tough, water-resistant folder protects documents, withstands rot, and won't disintegrate in humid conditions. Folder designed to protect documents from occasional splashes but is not fully waterproof.
  • Zippered pouch securely holds passports out of sight when the folder is closed
  • Personal Health Summary to copy for each person aboard; have needed information at hand in case of an emergency

Have peace of mind when the Coast Guard or local law enforcement inspects you, knowing that your documents are organized and easy to find.

Simplify checking into foreign countries when cruising internationallywith every document you need in one folder, ready for customs and immigration formalities. The included Tips for Checking In to a Foreign Country provides a handy reminder of best practices.

Great gift!

Designed and printed in the USA; folder made in China. Minimal packaging.

Now on Amazon US, Canada and Mexico (Prime, too!)
International shipping available

Amazon USAmazon CAAmazon MX

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